MR.DAN CUCICH'S website!
Contains up-to-date news,rankings,
profiles of women kickboxers
from all over the world.


SUE "TL" FOX's website about
Women's Boxing - Past & Present.
One of the top & up-to-date websites
that contains news, profiles, etc..
of women boxers from all over the world.
My everyday newspaper in the web.
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BAKEsan's women's boxing & kickboxing website 
filled with info about schedules,illustrations...etc!
A very educational website for me to know info about
the women's fighting world in Japan...
my friend's site.



CHIEchan's women's boxing website
The Squared Circle filled with her
wonderful illust., comics and art!
What makes her wonderful is she used
be a amateur boxer!


PIIKOsan's women's boxing 
filled with  his original & very cute illustrations!

BEITOsan's women's boxing Beito's Room!
Beitosan's up-to-date, comical, & wonderful works make his
website one of your favorites indeed!


HEIZOsan's website called M-TRIBE.
Host guest illust., novels & his original works.
Home of the QOB! Queen of Boxers!

TAIJIsan's website filled with his very original & wonderful works!
 His website contains MIXED men & women boxing illustrations.
Play scissors, paper, & stone in his cool game section!
Win or get knocked out!

ARSENALsan's women's boxing website SMALL FIELD. 
Filled with his very original & so cute illustrations!


YU-REIsan's website dedicated to
women boxers,schoolgirls,wrestlers,
shootfighters etc...
His website contains his original
very cool illusrations & rough works.
Simply beautiful & intense site!


SYOBON_NUsan's  website!
Contains his original hand drawn art,
his stories,battle section!,etc...
A nice & simple site! (^_^)

MAKOKOLAsan's website Kanjindo!
Contains his very original,colorful &
cute illustrations! A very cute sight indeed
to visit!


TypeR555's  website Point-913!
His website contains his cute & original
illust. warrior mecha type &
women's boxing illust! (^_^)


RICERISEsan's website 
"An Omelette with Rice"
contains his very cute & original illustrations!
(^_^) A very nice foxy boxing site!

TESTsan's website
Filled with his very nice & original illust.
His webiste attracts me to his every now &
then journal about his life,drawings,boxing etc.
A very cute site indeed!



MR.DENAV'S website & women's boxing league DWBL.
 DWBL is a website & home of "create your woman boxer" in Poser 3D! 
Go up against other fighters from around the world & win the championship belt!


BIGETZsan's 3D catfighting website BIGETZZONE in Poser 3D.
A excellent website that houses topless women's boxing.
Take your pick among the very beautiful line up of fighters.
View their fights & stories.

SUKARUDAsan's website which contains lots of his
wonderful illustrations/comics,etc... & is also
a site dedicated to women's boxing/belly/stomach
punching! A great site indeed for fans of this genre!


NORIKOchan's personal website Noriko Fantasy.
Her website is somehow her "personal girl's diary"
contains her artworks, opinions, etc.
My Italian classmate's website!(^_^)

PIPERchan's personal website "Heaven's Corner."
Piper is Noriko's sister in real life. Her website
is composed of paper cut dolls for avatar,blog,
etc..use or customize doll.
Permission MUST be asked first before using
her dolls in any way.
Request of dolls can be granted depending
on Piper's time. (^_^)


HENRY's "The Corner House"
Henry is a college classmate of mine in
the Philippines & I consider as one 
of the many excellent artist I've met.
His website contains his work in drawing &
his new starting passion for CG art. (^_^)


TINAMI anime,manga
creators search engine site.



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